How to Hotwire Motorcycle? Practical Tips to Keep in Mind

How to Hotwire Motorcycle

Hotwiring (starting vehicles with no keys) is, without a doubt, the closet definition of “unsafe”. You basically ruin the interior’s whole engine system to violate its safety code, after all!  Still, at times, we cannot deny that such a dangerous technique is unavoidable. Suppose you lose the key on the road and there’s no other … Read more

How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft? – Tips to Remember

How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft Tips to Remember

Motorbike criminals no longer just hide in the dark. Robberies and crimes in broad daylight are getting more and more common! While we are certain our readers are smart enough not to make amateur mistakes (like leaving bikes unlocked in public places), it doesn’t hurt to learn a few more tips on how to prevent … Read more

How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs?

How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs 1

Do you know how to trailer a motorcycle with tie downs? If that question boggles your mind, this post is for you. The average weight of a motorcycle is around 700 pounds.  If you want to move it to another place without riding it, you’ll need the help of a specific tool. Tie-downs are the … Read more