How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs?

Do you know how to trailer a motorcycle with tie downs? If that question boggles your mind, this post is for you. The average weight of a motorcycle is around 700 pounds. 

If you want to move it to another place without riding it, you’ll need the help of a specific tool. Tie-downs are the most common and easiest way to do it. Keep reading for a detailed guide to transporting your bike easily.


How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs


  • Motorcycle tie-down straps
  • Ramp
  • Front-wheel chocks
  • A trailer or truck to transport your motorcycle

A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Secure The Chock

A front wheel chock will help you secure your bike’s front wheel not to move forward during transport.

Thus, setting up this tool on the trailer or truck is the first crucial step.

To begin, secure a chock to the trailer or vehicle bed. Place it in the middle and at the back of the bed. Then, fasten it.

Step 2: Use A Ramp To Load Your Motorcycle Into The Truck Or Trailer

Choose a ramp made for motorcycles that can handle your bike’s weight. You need to fasten the ramp to the trailer bed. Gently and slowly roll your motorbike into the bed. Never leave it because if you do, it will fall over.

Having two people hold this, one on each side will make it considerably simpler.

Step 3: Place The Front Wheel Into The Chock

Place the front wheel in the chock by rolling the bike to the back of the trailer. The mechanism will click when the front tire fully engages it in the right position.

Don’t take the kickstand down. Yet, you can put it out while you assemble your equipment and raise it before you secure the bike.

Step 4: Attach The Strap

Keep in mind that you should hold your bike straight up, not tilted in any direction.

Attach one of the strap’s ends to the trailer side, parallel to the front wheel. It makes no difference whatever side you begin on. Then, secure one strap’s end to the body of the trailer. Pull on it to ensure the knot is tight enough.

Step 5: Secure The Front Tire

Wrap the strap around the front suspension tube. Start on the side of the suspension tube where you fastened the strap. Wrap the strap around the tube above the shock absorber’s rubber components.
Avoid tying the straps around the suspension’s rubber shock absorbers.

Fasten the strap’s other end to a ratchet strap. Attach the rope to the trailer’s front tire. Before tightening the strap, loop the strap through the ratchet one. When the strap is tight, stop. On the other side of the front wheel, repeat the procedure.


Step 6: Wrap The Rear Tire

Continue with the rear tire after the front tire is finished. At this stage, align the strap on either side with the rear tire and fasten it to the trailer.

If the trailer has hooks or other tie-down attachments, put the strap here.
Then, pull the strap in the direction of the tire and wrap it around. After wrapping the tire once around, pull the strap toward the opposite side of the trailer.

Attach the ratchet strap to the trailer’s other side. After that, thread the strap through the ratchet. Crank it once more to tighten it.

Flailing straps might harm your motorbike or automobile. Hence, you might secure all of the ends to complete the task.

Either fasten them to the trailer with a tie or loop the tightened strap piece with them and secure it with a knot.

Bonus Tips To Tie Down A Motorcycle

Although the section above has provided you with a detailed guide, here are some tips you might remember to ensure the safety of your bike while transporting it:

  • You shouldn’t utilize the rear bag guards as points of attachment; they will be yanked off.
  • Because certain handlebars are rubber attached and have the potential to compress, creating tie-down slippage, it might cause unstable balance.
  • Pick a low-quality strap due to its cheap price. The money you saved by using budget straps will not even come close to covering the cost of fixing your bike.


Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to spend more money repairing your motorcycle after long-distance transportation, you should get hold of the steps on how to trailer a motorcycle with tie downs.

Remember to ensure all the straps have been fastened because you don’t want any of them to come loose and make your bike unbalanced when trailering.

If you have more tips, don’t hesitate to share them with us by leaving your comments here!

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