How To Choose Your First Motorcycle – 8 Easiest Way

How to choose your first motorcycle is a common question to numerous motorbike rookies when they are about to go further with their passion. In today’s article, we would like to share with you all the tips and questions you have to answer before you start to put a debit on your bank account. 

Now, prepare yourself! Are you ready? Let’s delve into it!

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How To Choose Your First Motorcycle

1. Enroll In A Motorcycle Class

Enrolling in a class is prudent for several reasons. Before hitting the roadway, you will learn about the operating structure and critical safety, in addition to everything you must grok about motorbikes. 

Even though you’ve ridden a motorcycle previously or are a seasoned motorbiker, the lessons are not simply for education but frequently result in a discount on the insurance. You must take the class without hesitation because it is required in many areas to obtain a motorbike operator’s permit. Get it over with as soon as possible.

How do you enroll in a class like that? It depends on where you live. You can take advice from your nearby motorbike club to get a general idea and then go to government officials for details.

2. Ask Yourself Some Questions

The problem is that experienced motorbikers sometimes hurry to share their passion with you rather than taking the time to consider your requirements as a novice and share the basics with you. 

So be clear with yourself first. The first and most crucial question is: How do you – the rookie riders intend to use it?

The motorcycle you are going to buy is determined by the riding type you want to perform. So the next step is to ask yourself, “What sort of riding do you want to undertake?” The answer may be wrong or right from an experienced rider’s point of view. However, answering the basic questions above gives you a general idea of what you will go after!


3. Use Your Money Wisely And Compare Your Options For Used And New

You must plan your finances carefully when you purchase your first steed. Any rider needs high-quality riding equipment in addition to the motorcycle to guarantee an enjoyable and safe experience. Apart from this, you need to consider if a new or used motorbike is what you desire. 

A high-quality secondhand motorcycle is an excellent choice when purchasing a beginner’s motorbike. Scratches and dents, of course,  exhibit on the motorbike. Still, they are parts of memory that the motorcycle served its owner in its life. 

It is also the mark showing these old steeds are brave and alive, stronger in the days that have passed! There is no reason for turning your back on such warriors. But when your first motorcycle no longer fits you, it is the right time you look for the new one on the market!


4. Find The Proper Weight And Fit

The most common misunderstanding new riders make is neglecting to examine if a motorcycle is a proper weight and size. How do you know if it fits you? A pleasant ride, improved handling, and better motorbike control are all ensured by good ergonomics. To spin the handlebars while seated on the saddle, your hands should be capable of reaching them.

On the steed’s pegs, your feet can rest relaxed. Additionally, you must feel at ease when placing your legs flatty on the ground, approaching the controls and brakes effortlessly! These minor things significantly contribute to a comfortable and safe riding experience. 

The bike may be excessively hefty if you cannot push it manually with your bare hands. Can you not lift your steed? Well, it also indicates that it is too heavy for you!


5. Consider The Horsepower Of The Motorcycle

How about the power of the motorcycle? Under 600cc motorcycle power is considered a wonderful spot to start when looking for a novice motorbike. 

The high motorbike power is not recommended for newbies as it is risky when you are inexperienced in controlling a powerful motorcycle like that!

Consider the horsepower of the steed. Just enough to allow you to ride at highway speeds comfortably; it is the one for you!

6. Decide On Your Look And Test The Bike Before You Purchase

Steeds become as personalized as our particular style. They are representations of our way of life. Therefore, you must spend precious time selecting a style that speaks volumes about you. 

Consider the functionality and practicality as well. You will fall in love with your steed on every kilometer you guys accompany in the future. Ensure that you try your buddy before purchasing it. When you are on it, you will get a holistic idea about it and know whether it suits your needs.

7. Buy Essential Motorcycle Gear

You can not hit the road without any protection from motorbike gear! Some will make you cooler, but the most important thing is ensuring a safe trip! Don’t forget to add a few fluorescent/reflective motorcycle gear like a jacket or helmet. 

You also need some waterproof equipment! That additional equipment will enhance your experience with your steed under all-weather conditions! 

8. Make Your Motorcycle Your Own, Then Get On The Road

A motorbike is never full unless it has been customized to meet your style. Something you may want to do as:

  • Enhance the steed sound
  • Add a windscreen or fairings

You can do plenty of stuff with your motorbike to improve its appearance, sound, performance, and comfort. Personalize your bike, and look at some additional characteristics of custom bikes for ideas. 

However, don’t forget to check whether it is fitted to the transportation rule at your place! Ideas are marvelous. However, practicality is something we must balance.



What Engine Size Should A Motorbike For Beginners Have?

500cc, 600cc, or 700cc is recommended for engine size that a rookie rider can start with. 

Normally, people advise you to choose the motor power depending on your physical stature. Reasonable engine power for a novice is between 500 and 700cc. However, that engine capacity is more than adequate to transport you across town, if not the entire nation.

Which Color Should A Motorcycle Choose For Safety?

White. That is the safety color that a newcomer should start with. Other colors may be secure, but it’s crucial to get a striking hue that stands out all day, even if it is late at night or the dawn, and is noticeable to other motorists. It’s also best to wear apparel or a motorbike with retro-reflective hues.

Which Month Is Ideal For Motorbike Purchases?

Used motorbike: Nov to Feb. People do not go out regularly because it is the cold season. Therefore, you can get a fair and economical price in these months.

New motorbike: Feb. Due to the cold weather and low traffic this month, you can get a more attractive price from dealers! That will help you save money!

A tip for choosing an ideal month is observing the brand dealer you are fond of and making the decision in a sell-off program. You will see the best time that fits your suit!


Now you know tips for buying your FIRST Motorcycle. We believe it is not a riddle for you anymore. Always equip yourself with motorbike knowledge before you start other things that follow. Your bike will become remarkable only when you feel from the bottom of your heart that it is outstanding. So, it is somewhat up to you in the crucial decision-making process. 

Let us know how you feel and share with us your pick-up! Thank you!

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