How To Be Safe On A Long Ride – 13 Tips To Survive

Losing the focus on riding, especially on the long journey, leads to many undesirable consequences. That’s why learning some tips on how to be safe on a long ride and applying them are highly recommended.  

A crash can cause damage to your vehicle and require money for repair. Furthermore, it can even result in serious injuries to yourself and your passengers. Feeling secure while handling the vehicle is the feeling you should have on every ride.

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How To Be Safe On A Long Ride?

1. Prepare Your Vehicle

Your vehicle should be in the best condition before a long trip. You don’t want to face any problems on traveling, but better ensure all components have proper performance. If there’s any part you want to repair before, take this chance to do it. 

Have your vehicle checked with a professional mechanic, such as fill in the air at the correct tire pressure level and replace motor oil, wiper fluid, and coolant if needed. 

If your battery is more than three years old, it’s suggested a diagnosis before riding to secure your perfect trip.  

2. Take The Emergency Kit

Don’t underrate obstacles that may occur on the road even when you’ve prepared your vehicle well. So, an emergency kit is considered your backup. 

Water, extra clothes, blanket, first-aid kit, flashlight, tools to change the tire, jumper cables, high visibility cones and jackets, and a fully charged phone with a list of emergency contacts are examples of what you should put in your kit.

Those things can protect you when you’re stuck somewhere and try to get out of the situation. Furthermore, registering for a roadside assistance plan is also a good idea.

Emergency Kit

3. Set Up Your Routine Before Driving

You can favorably reach anything you want if you plan it. It’s the same with your long journey. The better you set up the routine, the better your trip is. Make sure your GPS navigation works properly.

You should research the weather and temperature of the place you’re going to travel to. Knowing about the terrain is good for preparing a good pair of tires.

Timing the departure time is also vital. You’d better avoid rush hour and set up your plan well, so you don’t need to ride through the night to reach your destination. Riding the whole night may make you exhausted.

4. Obey The Traffic Law

Obeying the traffic law is the rule on how to be safe on a long ride. Obviously, it’s all for the sake of your safety.

Do not ride over the speed limit and follow all the indicators on the road, such as signs or white lines, which are rules that we all know. However, some people think that it’s really necessary to do so.

You’d better not break any law because it can put you in a dangerous status. For example, riding fast means you have less time to react to a sudden situation that may lead to a terrible crash.

5. Take A Break

Take A Break

Resting while on a long journey is good for your brain and health. Riding for a long time causes you to be tired, sleepy, and lose focus. 

Stopping for a while to have some water, food, or stretching your body to refill your energy. At the same time, it can allow your vehicle time to cool down, as hitting the road for hours makes the engine and oil hotter.

Besides, sufficient sleep is vital before riding, so you will be more active and stay focused more easily.

6. Avoid Sleepiness

Similar to the above tip on how to be safe on a long ride, preparing for good health and having enough sleep are ways to avoid sleepiness. 

There are some symptoms showing that you are fighting with your drowsiness, such as heavy eyelids, difficulty keeping your head up and focused, or the feeling of a daydreamer.

When you have any of the signs above, your reaction will be much slower, and it’s time to pull over for a refresh. 

7. Stay Focus

Keep your attention on the riding job and leave other tasks behind. Trying to do multiple tasks is not ideal when handling your vehicle.

If you have a companion, let them be in charge of the map or other jobs. Your hands should be on the steering instead of doing something else.

The distraction can be from other people in the vehicle. Make sure only talking but no shouting or screaming affects your riding.

8. Keep Distance With The Vehicle Ahead

Keep Distance With The Vehicle Ahead
Motorbike riders riding on the road. Free public domain CC0 photo

Applying the “three-second rule” to maintain enough distance from the vehicle going in front of you. The rule is to slow down and count to three; then, you will stay in the proper position to have enough space and time to react. 

Count to four if you are behind big vehicles such as a large truck. In bad weather or unfavorable surface conditions, you need to count to six to have more time if any advanced action is required.

So, you want to know how to be safe on a long ride? Then keep in mind that creating space is always necessary.

9. Place The Items Properly

When you go for a long trip, you’re likely to bring many things that even your trunk can not fit. If you have some cargo that stays out of the trunk, try to find anything to fit it inside properly.

Moreover, keep your personal belongings, such as your passport, close to you where you can reach them easily while driving. Have somebody else behind you to help you find things if possible.

And one more thing to remember is never trying to reach out for fallen items, as it can raise the possibility of a risky situation.

10. Avoid Using Your Phone

Though your phone is inevitable, using it while riding may have a bad influence. Many people agree with this point, but only a few avoid doing this.

Even a hand-free phone can be a source of danger as it makes you think you are safe to use the device while actually, it’s not. It’s nothing more than a distraction.

If you ride with somebody, ask that person to be the one who uses the phone for necessary tasks. Set up the map navigation at the starting point, and pull over if you really need to answer a call.

11. Be Aware Of Bad Weather

Be Aware Of Bad Weather

Bad weather may affect your plan and change your riding habits, such as adding a few seconds to the “three-second rule” to improve your reaction.

Apart from that, when you are under bad weather, lower your speed, and keep your vehicle moving at that speed without sudden changes or quick turns.

Use your headlights and fog light at low visibility to have a clearer view. If you face heavy rain, consider stopping for a while, wait until it’s less and continue on your trip.

12. Store Some Snacks And Drinks

How to be safe on a long ride? You don’t know what’s going to happen to you during the long trip. Imagine you get stuck somewhere in the middle of the road and are hungry; storing some food and drinks with you helps.

Plus, keeping your hands on the steering long can make you tired. Boost your energy by having water and some healthy snacks such as fresh or dried fruits, muesli, or crackers. 

Snacking something also keeps you awake and focused on the ride.

13. Drive With A Professional

Drive With A Professional

Some people may think this idea is quite ridiculous and unnecessary. However, there’s nothing wrong with that if you want more guarantees on your trip and a professional companion.

As an experienced person, he can show you how to overcome some obstacles on the road and give you some suggestions to make your journey easier and more comfortable. His advice is more trustworthy when he knows the route you plan, as he has been through many times.   

Besides, having somebody next to you on the long drive is a good option. Your journey will not be boring, and you will find it more interesting with somebody else.

The Takeaway 

Safety is of the utmost importance when you’re on the road. You need to make sure that you are protecting yourself. We hope this blog post gives you more than 10 valuable tips on how to be safe on a long ride and avoid collisions and accidents.

Apply them to your ride to ensure you have a safe trip.

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