Can You Listen To Music While Riding A Motorcycle? Is It Legal?

Listening to your favorite songs will increase your mood and productivity in doing anything. Particularly, a catchy song will reduce your fatigue while taking part in a long ride with your motorcycle.

Besides, the exciting rhythms will make your ride more chilling and relaxing. However, have you heard of the rules related to listening to music and riding a motorcycle simultaneously? Can you listen to music while riding a motorcycle? Scroll down to see more.

Can You Listen To Music While Riding A Motorcycle?

Yes! You can enjoy your playlists while riding your motorbike.

The ways you listen to music must go in line with the laws. Commonly, bikers apply a stereo system or a Bluetooth-connected helmet to get immersed in their loved songs. And these methods are legal. Yet, you are not allowed to listen to music via headphones while riding motorbikes because it is against the law.

Should You Listen to Music While Riding a Motorcycle?

Related Laws To Listening To Music While Riding A Motorcycle

In the UK, before starting the first ride with your motorcycle, you must bear in mind these requirements:

  • Motorbike insurance is always compulsory for any biker
  • Protective clothing and a high-quality helmet are indispensable items to ensure your safety
  • You must be aware of your vehicle’s conditions and carry out regular maintenance
  • You must comprehend and follow the Highway Code

The British Highway Code’s Point 148 states that:

“Safe driving and riding need concentration. Avoid distractions when driving or riding, such as:

  • Loud music (this may mask other sounds)
  • Inserting a cassette or CD or turning on a radio…”

According to social research, 62% of participants don’t know that they must pull over if they want to put on the music.

Listening to loud music while driving or adjusting the playlist while driving may cause you to pay a 5000-pound fine, nine penalty points, or disqualification.

Some Notices When Riding A Motorcycle While Listening To Music

Although listening to music while riding a motorbike is legal, you can straightforwardly detect the cons of the two methods above.

Firstly, the stereo system may draw unwanted attention from other people, or your music may irritate them if you set the volume too high.

On the other hand, a Bluetooth-connected helmet can’t bring a decent listening experience like the headphones because high-tech companies haven’t focused on producing this type of music device.

There are some notes to keep in mind

Actually, laws directly covering listening to music while operating a motorbike are limited. The most common laws related to our debated topic are the ones that stress what people can do and mustn’t do when they are controlling any vehicle.

In the USA, many states restrict their citizens from using headphones or earbuds when they are operating any vehicle, even riding a motorbike or driving a car. The American Automobile Association declares the regulations related to headphones and earbud usage.

As mentioned above, listening to music while riding a motorcycle is not against the law, but the way you enjoy your favorite song can contradict the state’s law. More severely, improperly listening to music while operating a vehicle can result in dangerous situations for yourself.

The structural and technological buildup of a headphone or earbud can avoid you from promptly reacting to traffic cases. Particularly, products having noise-cancellation are not smart choices for motorbikers when they enjoy music during their rides.

If you don’t hear the outside noise, you won’t ever know if other vehicles are approaching or other drivers are using a hooter to draw your attention.

Say no to noise-cancellation headphones or earbuds

Apart from the Bluetooth-connected helmet, helmet manufacturers also come up with additional accessories suitable for playing music inside your helmet. These items lie on the helmet’s internal wall, bringing the vibe of a Bluetooth-connected helmet.

Most importantly, they won’t attach closely or go into your ears like the headphones or earbuds, so you can still be aware of the surroundings. However, if you don’t insert the additional parts appropriately, they may become loose and affect your vision.

We recommend you rely on music-listening methods while riding motorcycles that don’t require wires, feature a bulky shape, or be easily loose. The equipment you use to enjoy your favorite songs mustn’t obscure your vision while operating vehicles.

How Can You Listen To Music While Riding A Motorcycle Properly?

Listening to music when you are operating a motorcycle is not prohibited. Now, we would like to give you some suggestions on which ways to delight in your playlist without distracting from the traffic.

Using a stereo system is the highly recommended method you should opt for when listening to music during your motorcycle riding. This method sometimes irritates other drivers if you play your music too loud, but most importantly, it keeps everybody safe.

Typically, the stereo buttons will be placed around the handlebars, and within your reach, so you can adjust the stereo system with ease. If you don’t want to break the original setup of your motorcycle with this device, you can turn to an item that can connect to your music-playing devices.

It’s advised to use a stereo system while riding

Apart from the stereo system, a Bluetooth-connected helmet is also a remarkable way to maintain your safety when you enjoy your playlist while operating a motorcycle. The helmet with a Bluetooth connection can easily link to your smartphone or MP3 player via Bluetooth, and it will play music out loud with the inserted speakers.

The equipment has its wiring neatly organized and placed behind the layer that directly contacts your head. For this reason, there won’t be any risk of wiring falling out of its place and hindering your vision.

You can control the helmet through the buttons on the lateral side of the helmet. However, you need to make sure that you remember their position before using them to control the volume or skip the songs.

Bottom Lines

Can you listen to music while riding a motorcycle? Having some music on while operating a motorcycle does not break the law, but improper ways to enjoy your playlists may offend the laws. So, now you know the answer to such a burning query.

Besides, we also shared some tips on playing the catchy rhythms during your ride and maintaining your safety. Remember that on any occasion, staying safe is the most significant element when participating in traffic.

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