Top 8 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review

Those riders who value adaptability and practicality in addition to safety and comfort often count on modular helmets.

Contrary to popular belief, the ability to assemble and disassemble these helmets does not reduce their level of protection.

However, choosing the best modular motorcycle helmet is not easy when there are hundreds of different models on the market today. Below is a list of some of the top modular helmets available to make your selection easier. 

In addition, for a decent item, certain requirements must be satisfied. We will also provide a complete buying guide for you to understand and make the right buying decisions.

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Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review 

HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Balian Helmet – Best For Touring


  • Size: Medium, large
  • Weight: ‎5.49 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎14.5 x 11.5 x 11.2 inches
  • Materials: ‎Expanded Polystyrene (inner), carbon (outer)

The aerodynamic shell of the HJC RPHA 90S Carbon helmet was created specifically for sport-touring.

The helmet’s outer shell is built in compliance with improved P.I.M requirements and is DOT and ECE certified. Carbon and fiberglass are combined to form a lightweight yet sturdy build. 

Given that it weighs only 3.3 lbs, it is one of the lightest modular helmets available today (1.5 kg). We tried it on our 7-day off-road tour last summer (2021), and it left us jaw-dropping by how light it was. Even wearing it all day long, we found no headache after that. Also, the exterior is a unique and eye-catching blue color that also makes this helmet stand out from the competition.

When riding a motorcycle while wearing full protective gear, opening the helmet visor while wearing gloves can be a challenge. But even with gloves on, we can simply unlock the chin guard and visor on the HJC RPHA 90S helmet thanks to the one-touch central locking system.

The Pinlock Modulated Face Shield (HJ-29) on the HJC RPHA 90S provides better protection from UV rays, and fog and is optically superior to others. This, again, back up for its touring supported features when you burn rubber on scorching days on highways or dirt roads.

The RapidFire III shield replacement mechanism is also included in this modular helmet. With this most recent face shield innovation from HJC, you can remove it in seconds.

A teardrop integrated sun visor (HJ-V9) with smoke-colored scratch-resistant coating is equipped inside the helmet. A slider on the side of the helmet can be used to quickly and easily activate the visor. It will provide better visibility and shield your eyes on dog days when used in conjunction with the visor.

You’re sure to feel comfortable wearing this helmet thanks to the MultiCool Interior and moisture-wicking antibacterial fabric. Both the cheek pads and inner pads are completely removable, washable, and interchangeable. Whenever necessary, you can wash the cheek pad.

If you already have a SMART HJC 10B or 20B Bluetooth device, they will also be compatible with the HJC RPHA 90S. Not only that, you can comfortably wear any kind of eyeglasses or sunglasses with this helmet as it is compatible with all eyeglass sizes.

Overall, the comfort level of the HJC RPHA 90S is very high and it fits very well. Unfortunately, due to the longer medial oval, the helmet may be narrow for some individuals. 


  • Great for sport-touring
  • Lightweight at 3.3 lbs
  • Unlock the chin guard and visor in seconds
  • Good value for money
  • Decent breathability


  • Quite a narrow size 

Shoei GT-Air 2 Helmet – Best For Breathability

In addition, Shoei’s revolutionary 3D inner lining technology can disperse moisture faster than any conventional material.

Another plus is that the Sena SRL Bluetooth Headset is also compatible with Neotec 2 modular helmets and can be quickly placed in the side pocket.

The only drawback is probably its high price tag. However, this price is completely worth it for the quality it brings


  • Size: XS to XXL
  • Weight: ‎5.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎14.5 x 11 x 11.5 inches
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner), Advanced Integrated Matrix (outer)

One of the best long-distance motocross helmets is the Shoei Neotec 2, which features aerodynamic upgrades for comfort, tactile capability, and airflow.

The advanced integrated additive matrix (AIM+) technology found in Shoei Neotec 2 creates a lightweight yet durable outer shell by combining a variety of materials, including fiberglass, organic fibers, and high-performance yarn. This technology enhances the helmet’s head protection capacity.

To resist the harsh impacts of a motorcycle wreck, it also contains a multi-density impact-absorbing EPS liner, which is a collection of layers of varying densities. This dual-density EPS lining improves protection while allowing the helmet to be more breathable.

The very efficient ventilation system helps to achieve the ideal balance between airflow and noise levels found in the Shoei Neotec 2 Modular Helmet. Redesigned air vents ensure that hot air does not stay inside the helmet for too long and is quickly vented out, while the top vents permit cool air to pass through the EPS liner to the rider’s head. As a result, there is airflow from front to back without any intrusion of noise. 

We can be assured that the breathability is worth the hype. We had once borrowed this helmet from our friends for a day tour in Florida. You know how broiling it is in this state in January, right? But we experienced no dripping wet hair, and our head didn’t feel burning at all.

On the other hand, the chin vent has a large vent shutter at the bottom that can work even with gloves on. Cool air can enter the helmet through the chin vent and reach the face area. You have full control over this vent to adjust the amount of air in the helmet.

The inner lining of the Shoei Neotec 2 helmet can be easily removed, washed, and replaced. This includes cheek pads, chin straps, and upper lining. Each interior lining component has been ergonomically designed by Shoei’s team of experts to provide the rider’s head and face with the best possible fit, safety, and comfort.


  • Great ventilation system 
  • Contains a multi-density impact-absorbing EPS liner 
  • Include a large chin vent shutter 
  • Ideal fit with 3 different shell sizes
  • UV rays protection


Quite costly  

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Helmet Ellwood – Best For Versatility 


  • Size: S to 3XL
  • Weight: ‎5.34 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎16.22 x 12.4 x 11.53 inches
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner), Polycarbonate (outer)

For riders who enjoy adventure traveling on a variety of terrains, the flip-up motocross helmet from Scorpion makes the perfect gift. The combined function of this extremely versatile helmet will make you feel as if you are owning four different helmets.

The strength and level of protection of the Scorpion EXO-AT950 helmet will be discussed first. The shell comprises polycarbonate material, which is modern, durable, lightweight, and highly impact-resistant. Because it’s light, sturdy, and resilient, this helmet is perfect for adventurous travelers.

The visor is also what makes this helmet suitable for off-road trips and adventure travel. The modular Scorpion EXO-AT950 helmet has a wide eye port and is 11 cm high, allowing enhanced vision from the periphery and downward. For both trainers and ADVs, this is very important.

Many previous users have said that, when off-road, you can use the large eye port to wear glasses when navigating the trail. This makes them satisfied.

No other brand can beat Scorpion with the soft cushions on the EXO-AT950. The inner lining is made of KwikWick 2 material, which can disperse perspiration significantly faster than traditional fabrics and is resistant to microorganisms.

However, we found that the protection required for racing is not adequately delivered by its structure and utility. It should therefore be avoided for this purpose.


  • Advanced LG polycarbonate shell for more durability
  • Advanced multi-layer EPS, more cushion
  • Drop-down internal sun-visor


  • Wind noise issues
  • Not for racing

Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet – Best Value For Money



  • Size: S to 2XL
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimensions: 14 x 11.5 x 11 inches
  • Materials: Polycarbonate (outer)

Many of the premium features are offered by Nolan in this modular helmet while keeping it within the mid-range price tag, making it well worth every cent you spend.

The Nolan N100-5 Consistency Lexan polycarbonate shell is lightweight and tough. It will not 100% shield you completely from injuries in heavy crashes but surely cushion and minimize impacts.

We say so as DOT and ECE certifications are guaranteed on the Nolan N100-5 Consistency helmet, which are not usually present on lower-end products. This helmet has been extensively tested so you can use it with confidence.

The chin guard of the Nolan N100-5 Consistency helmet provides the strongest level of injury protection. So, when wearing the Nolan N100-5, you will feel as secure as wearing a full-face helmet, but the chin guard of the helmet can be opened or closed.

A Pinlock anti-fog visor and Pinlock insert are included with the purchase of the helmet. Plus, the ultra-wide VPS sun visor on the Nolan N100-5 Consistency helmet offers 400 UV protection and has a scratch-resistant coating. Together, these features support an outstanding visibility, and when wearing it while driving, you won’t even notice the eye port area.

The Nolan N100-5 Consistency helmet provides excellent ventilation in all driving situations thanks to Airbooster technology and central ventilation. The front of the helmet includes a sizable air intake that will draw a lot of fresh air into the rider’s face.

In addition, on the top, there are ventilation holes to help air circulate to the driver’s head, keeping you cool and releasing heat out.

Note that compared to other helmets in the same modular line, this Nolan’s size seems to be slightly smaller. So please pay careful attention when choosing the size if you decide to give it a shot.


  • Optimal air enhancement technology
  • High-quality LAND polycarbonate shell
  • VPS UV Protection w/400
  • Clima Neck Pads are comfortable and hygienic


  • Slightly narrow size

AGV Sportmodular Layer Helmet– Best Shell Design 


  • Size: XXS-XXXL
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner), carbon fiber (outer)

The Italian manufacturer has a lot of experience in creating lightweight motorcycle helmets that are not only very safe and suitable for road races, but also look great. Among them, the AGV Sportmodular is a stunning upside-down helmet that provides outstanding protection on tracks for riders.

The outer shell of the AGV Sportmodular, made entirely of carbon fiber, aims to provide minimal weight and maximum aerodynamic stability to the helmet thanks to its chain-like texture. The material is also resistant to abuses of heat and harsh chemicals, thus protecting your head in all weather conditions and standing the test of time.

As such, the DOT and ECE certified AGV Sportmodular helmet is specially created to provide protection at higher speeds and reduce the risk of possible accidental injury.

To reduce wind turbulence, you can place an adjustable spoiler on the back of the helmet. A metal opening device on the chin bar prevents the helmet from inadvertently disengaging.

The AGV Sportmodular helmet comes with lenses and a visor that is 100% compatible with Max Vision Pinlock anti-fog technology. Also, there is a scratch-resistant coating on the shield, provides the widest possible horizontal field of view, and can be quickly removed or replaced.

The interior drop-down visor of this modular helmet has a light smoky color and can be removed without the use of additional tools.  To reduce the possibility of unintentional openings, the manufacturer equips its helmet with a Visor Lock System (VLS) – another plus point.

Despite coming with a modular design with excellent ventilation and visibility, it also has a significant downside. Some people may find it too small and therefore feel a lot of pressure on the forehead when worn for a long time.


  • Great case design in lightweight carbon fiber
  • Has a quick removal system for face shields
  • Great ventilation system


  • Noise issue
  • Narrow size 
  • Quite expensive

SHARK Helmets EVO-ONE 2 Slasher Helmet – Best 2-in-1 Helmet 


  • Size: S – XL
  • Weight: 4.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎10 x 2 x 2.7 inches
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner)

Now, the Shark EVO-One 2 may appeal to you if you are looking for a truly unique modular helmet. This helmet can be fully transformed into an open ¾ model, making it more than just a modular one.

How could this happen? The EVO-One’s chin bar can be moved from the front of the helmet along its entire outer shell to the back, as opposed to just a standard flip bar that you can partially open.

This allows the helmet to be used at higher speeds. In other words, the Shark EVO-One 2 is essentially two separate motorcycle helmets in one. Both forms are extremely stable, as the helmet comes in two different shell sizes and uses thermoplastic as the main material. 

The Shark EVO-ONE 2 Modular Helmet features a quick-release face shield that provides a scratch-resistant coating and Pinlock compatibility. In addition, you will receive a free Pinlock set with your helmet purchase.

The visor lifts automatically when you raise or lower the helmet’s chin guard because of the automatic up/down mechanism. The entire system is extremely efficient and easy to use.

The helmet also includes an integrated sun visor for UV protection and scratch protection. The visor can be removed, but in our testing we found that replacing it was a bit difficult.

When wearing the full face, the ventilation of this helmet is not effective. Airflow is mediocre and erratic compared to some of the other modular helmets on this list.

In contrast, the excellent airflow through the chin opening bar is on par with most other open-face helmets. And Shark EVO-ONE 2 helmet does not make much wind noise when in use.

While the overall build quality isn’t bad, some components of the helmet are cheaply made and appear to be unreliable. And at almost 5 lbs, it’s heavier than many products in its class and can cause neck strain for riders with prolonged use.


  • Multifunctional aerodynamic shape and design
  • Quick-removable face shield
  • Comes with Pinlock


  • Quite heavy
  • Just average build quality

LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet


  • Size: XS – 3XL
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 17 inches
  • Materials: High-tech fabric (inner), Kinetic Polymer Alloy (outer)

The LS2 helmet is famous for its attractive appearance, excellent quality, and surprisingly low price.

The futuristic look of the LS2 Valiant 2 will make you believe it’s some kind of sci-fi helmet when you first see it.

Kinetic Polymer alloy, a composite material that is both strong and lightweight, makes up the outer shell of the LS2 Valiant 2. The aramid fibers are stretched and shrunk using nanotechnology to a cross-sectional thickness of roughly 1 billion inches, and they are then enclosed in a high-end polymer. Because of its clever design with KPA, LS2 is extremely strong and can resist many collisions while being extremely light.

This LS2 Valiant 2 helmet, like every other helmet on our list, includes an integrated Pinlock face shield that protects against scratches and provides UV protection from the sun’s rays.

You do not need to purchase the Pinlock lens cap separately as it is sold with this helmet. For helmets in this price range, this is unusual.

A smoke-colored inner sun visor also comes with this helmet, and it is activated only by using the slider on the side of the helmet.

Good things don’t stop there. The LS2 Valiant 2 offers great visibility, and the anti-fog technology works admirably. Therefore, you can use this helmet on winter and wet days. The front of the LS2 Valiant 2 helmet is designed to be ventilated, and the back of the shell also has a few more vents. They provide optimal front-to-rear airflow and are directed through the inner EPS lining.

For such a cheap modular helmet, ventilation is surprisingly excellent, and the vents will keep you cool and dry on extended rides.

Even when you get a wet head, the LS2 Valiant 2 modular helmet inner lining is machine washable and made of moisture-resistant high-tech fabric. The fabric dries extremely quickly and is incredibly cozy. Using 3D laser technology, the lining is created with a special design for increased comfort and breathability.

Although the size specifications of this helmet fit quite well, many consumers consider the size too small for them. So you probably shouldn’t use this oval helmet if you have a big head.


  • Low price but high quality
  • Impressive futuristic design
  • Has 180-degree flip technology


  • Quite narrow oval design

Bell SRT Modular Full-Face Helmet – Best For Multi-features


  • Size: XS – 3XL
  • Weight: ‎3.3 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.72 x 11.42 x 12.99 inches
  • Materials: ‎Expanded Polystyrene (inner), Fiberglass (outer)

The Bell SRT is a great modular helmet with lots of features. This helmet will give you all you need for your journey, whether you own a street bike, cruiser, or any other form of touring motorcycle.

The Bell SRT Modular helmet has an intermediate oval shape and is available in 3 sizes of Press and 2 different shell sizes (XS/LG, XL/3XL) for customers to choose from.

Fiberglass is used to create its outer shell, resistant to lifting and cushioning and aerodynamically stable. Your head won’t be weighed down by this thin composite shell, which will shield you from severe injuries and traumatic brain injury in the event of a collision.

Here comes the selling point. Since this helmet has a built-in speaker pocket embedded in the EPS liner, you’ll have the option of using audio speakers.

With the advanced speaker feature, the manufacturer didn’t look down on other vital functions. Specifically, the panovision visor with first-class optical compatibility and eyewear is included with the Bell SRT Modular Helmet. The retractable inner sunshade will keep you out of the sun while riding in hot weather and not feel comfortable wearing sunglasses with a helmet. So now you can protect yourself from the harsh UV rays with this helmet without removing your visor. Always a plus if the modular helmet has this feature.

The ventilation system is the most important and possibly the strongest component of a modular helmet. And the Bell SRT modular helmet ventilation system did a great job because when you open the visor, you get ample ventilation and wind to cool the entire head area as well as the whole helmet, unlike full-face models. You can open the louvers to let air in on warm summer days, and you can close them in the winter to block the flow of air.

Moving into the inside, the helmet has a luxurious high-grade antibacterial inner lining that is removable and machine washable. The inner cheek pads can be washed and taken out whenever you want, which is the best part.

Although the vents on the top of the helmet work quite poorly and can affect the user experience when left open, the overall airflow is quite adequate for a modular helmet. This is the only drawback that Bell needs to address to make their helmets truly all-round.


  • Lightweight and durable fiberglass shell construction
  • High-quality Panovision face shield
  • Come with the speaker bag


  • Unguaranteed noise isolation
  • Ventilation problem needs improvement

Buying Guide For The Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Shell Construction

The material used to make the helmet shell plays an important role as a protective layer and has a significant impact on both its weight and its overall protection. While fiberglass was once the industry standard, many modern modular helmets, especially those of higher quality, now favor shell construction made of polycarbonate or synthetic materials or carbon fiber weave.

In addition to the main case material, users must also consider the structure of the chin bar.


The linings are another important component of any helmet. Impact-resistant and energy-absorbing materials are used to line the shell, such as EPS liner, which is usually considered first.

Many premium helmet manufacturers have begun to develop helmet liners with advanced antibacterial and/or moisture-resistant qualities. If your budget allows, investing in these features always do you good.

Features And Amenities

More than any other helmet market, the modular helmet industry integrates additional whistles and bells such as drop-down visors and Bluetooth communication devices. Many helmets are also equipped with ports or recesses for specific add-ons, including aftermarket communication.

You better consider your needs so that you don’t pour money on redundant things.

Visor Setup

On the surface, it can be seen that the visor of the helmet is a fairly simple area. In practice, however, face shields can vary greatly in some areas. The size of the visor, or the field of view it provides, and its construction, including whether it is anti-fog and scratch-resistant, should be taken into account first.

You should also consider other aspects, such as a battery-ready visor (and if it comes with a pin lock).

Closure System

Double D-rings, dating back to ancient Rome, has been the benchmark for helmet closure systems for nearly the entire history of motorcycles because they are simple, easy to use, effective, and allow precise adjustment.

But recently, several forerunners in the helmet industry have begun using alternatives to dual D-ring systems, such as ratchet closing mechanisms or magnetic FIDLOCK locks.

Combination Fidlock latches are definitely a superior option because of their high level of dependability and the quickest and easiest way to open and close the latch. So, look for this one!


The helmet must be the right size for the motorcycle rider’s head for it to work properly.

Many helmet manufacturers use the same shell size for different product sizes to reduce production costs. Higher-end manufacturers often use additional case sizes in their collections, providing a better fit. Regardless, you must measure your head size first.

Ventilation System

It is important although the chin bar can be flipped up quickly since you will often wear it with the chin bar locked in the downward position.

Therefore, you should consider how many intake and exhaust ports make up the ventilation system of a given helmet. You should also find out if these ports are collapsible or if they are fixed.

Noise Level

The level of helmet noise is worth mentioning as the wind noise a helmet generates at motorway speeds can cause irreparable hearing damage. Back in the time,  helmets generated excessive wind noise, but things have changed in recent years to the point where riders can now communicate clearly at high speeds – up to more than 70 mph.

If you buy a helmet with a large windshield, the wind noise will be greatly reduced without affecting your concentration while driving. Ideally, you should choose a helmet that does not completely eliminate but only reduces traffic noise to focus on driving but still be able to anticipate emergencies.


Most modular models are about the same weight as other regular full-face helmets, although with the addition of a flip-up chin bar locking mechanism.

This is mainly due to the use of carbon fiber and weight-saving structures to make up the structure of the modular helmet.

Due to the mechanism needed to flip the visor up, modular helmets are often heavier than helmets of the same size. It is, therefore, advised to select a helmet that weighs less than 3.6 lbs because carrying a helmet that is heavier makes it much harder for your head and neck to support.

Safety Certifications

Government organizations have developed safety tests that helmet manufacturers must pass to certify that they are legal to use (such as the US DOT system and the European ECE certification), and provide a better understanding of helmet protection to users.

The majority of helmets on the market have one of these certifications, making this an important aspect to check if you intend to use your modular helmet on public roads.


We are always on the lookout for items that are reasonably priced and offer the best value. The same is true for modular headgear. Fortunately, there are many affordable modular motorcycle helmets available in the market right now. You can get a modular helmet with all the features you need, including a Pinlock built-in face shield, inner sun visor, and removable inner lining at an economical price.

High-quality modular upside-down helmets that are both cheap and reliable have been offered by brands such as Scorpion and HJC. You can buy a very comfortable cap for under $400 that will also make you look stylish while still protecting your head well during your travels.


Can Goggles Be Used With A Modular Helmet?

Yes, you can. Convertible or modular motorcycle helmets, like other helmets, include built-in grooves in the inner lining for the glasses and come in a variety of sizes and forms to fit everyone. If the possibility of using glasses is not mentioned, carefully ask in advance and order an appropriate size so that there is enough room for glasses or sunglasses for comfort and protection from the sun.

Are There Any Modular Helmets That Have Received SNELL Approval?

SNELL generally does not approve most modular helmets, and so far it has only certified two to three types of modular helmets.

The SNELL exam is very broad and difficult to pass. Helmets must be sturdy and equipped with all the necessary protective features to receive SNELL approval.

Can Motorcyclists Wear Open Modular Helmets While Riding?

We don’t recommend doing so, as it will reduce the level of safety. Modular helmets are designed for use by experienced riders, and they usually open the chin guard to talk to other riders or to cool their heads on hot summer days.

Some modular helmets, such as the LS2 Valiant, include a 180-degree front flip design that allows the helmet to be worn on the open side and provides the greatest amount of support at impact.


Modular helmets compete with open-face helmets because they have a durable outer shell and padded inner lining. These helmets, made of carbon fiber or thermoplastic shells in most cases, are built to withstand both low- and high-speed collisions.

With this article, we hope to have helped you better understand the different types of this item and be able to choose the best modular motorcycle helmet that suits your individual needs and preferences.

For those on a budget, go for LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet, while buyers aiming at many functions will appreciate the Bell SRT Modular Full-Face Helmet or Shoei GT-Air 2 Helmet.

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