TOP 8 Best Dirt Bike Helmet 2023 – The Ultimate Guide

One of the most important pieces of protective gear a rider has to buy is a helmet, so making that decision is crucial. The ideal solution for complete safety when riding on a track is a dirt helmet suitable for a variety of terrains and purposes. If an accident happens, the best dirt bike helmet will keep you safe.

To assist you in choosing a helmet, we have compiled a list of the eight most ideal dirt bike helmets. Scroll down to read the full review and buying guide!


Best Dirt Bike Helmet Review

1. Arai VX-Pro 4 Dirt Bike Helmet – Best Overall



  • Size: XS to XL
  • Weight: ‎16 Pounds
  • Materials: Dry-Cool Liner (inner), Super Fiber CLC (outer)

Without a doubt, the Arai VX-Pro 4 is one of those helmets for the off-road racing enthusiast or even a professional motocross racer.

Arai uses Super Fiber instead of regular glass fiber for enhanced tensile strength and puncture resistance to maximize performance. This particular style, called CLC (complex texture laminate), is both durable and lightweight.

Another element that Arai has enhanced to alleviate lifting and towing issues at high speeds is the top section. The new head in this enhanced version is 14 mm longer and 5 mm wider than the old head. 

The eye port on the VX-Pro 4 is exceptionally wide and has enough room to fit the largest glasses comfortably. In addition, the goggles will remain in place even in competitive and intense riding situations, thanks to the upgraded Goggle-Strap locator.

The Arai VX-Pro 4 helmet has excellent ventilation. Airflow is increased thanks to the central vent, and cool air is collected and sent to the rider’s face and other areas of the helmet by air intake under the top.

A powerful Venturi hood is created at the rear by a rear diffuser. The ventilation grille on the crossbar of the VX-Pro 4 helmet serves as a second source of ventilation. 

During your off-road driving, this vent mesh prevents dust, debris, and various sand particles while allowing air to pass through the helmet. The repair and cleaning of the stainless steel round bar with the outside vent are also very simple.

If you enjoy doing serious off-road activities and enjoy MX or off-road racing, you should use a helmet that can keep you cool for long periods. The Dry-Cool Liner interior of Arai’s VX-Pro 4 has been updated for maximum comfort. 

These inner linings, used in MotoGP testing, dry much faster than traditional textiles and use micro water cells to promote moisture and heat transfer from the tips to the airflow. In the long run, the washable and removable Dry-Cool lining will keep your head cool.

FCS (Facial Contour System), a special feature that improves fit and adjusts for lower jaw comfort, is also included in the Arai VX-Pro 4 helmet. When you wear it or take off the helmet, the foam spring system helps to adapt the cheek pads.

As one of the leading helmet manufacturers, Arai is the only brand that focuses on the internal structure of the helmet. From the features just listed above, we can see that this is especially true of the Arai VX-Pro 4 mountain bike helmet.

Arai helmets always have great features and the latest technology. Unfortunately, some features are more expensive than other options. You can be sure that you are getting the highest quality product on the market, despite the extra cost. Overall, the VX-Pro 4 helmet is great and has great value for money.


  • Provide Extreme protection
  • Good user comfort
  • Outstanding ventilation 
  • Good Goggle-strap locator
  • Wide vision field 


  • Quite expensive

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2. Supertech S-M10 Meta Off-Road Motocross Helmet – Best For Multifunction


  • Size: XS to XXL
  • Weight: ‎6 Pounds
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner), Carbon Fiber (outer)

Compared to other models, this model has more functions and will still be useful if you have problems along the way.

A MIPS-like technology inside the helmet helps to assist in separating the liner and shell. Dust bike helmets are now becoming standard with MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), which can help prevent concussions. 

While this is true, wearing a helmet doesn’t guarantee you won’t get a concussion in an accident, so don’t rely solely on it to keep your head safe.

Alpinestars Supertech M10 Helmet

There are 19 air inlets and 5 extra-large air vents on this helmet, showing powerful airflow. The racers took the M10 through the stages in temperatures as high as 115 degrees Fahrenheit without adding a pound of water.

The shape of the visor also aids airflow inside the helmet, making it perfect for desert riders. Sand and rock enthusiasts will enjoy how Supertech maintains a cool head during their mining process.

With four different case sizes and a carbon fiber frame, the aim is to minimize its weight and maximum aerodynamic stability to the helmet thanks to its chain-like construction. 

The material is also resistant to high temperatures and chemicals, thus protecting your head in all weather conditions and standing the test of time.

Alpinestars knew exactly what they were doing when they produced the M10, despite some objections to the design. The downside of this product is that it is quite heavy with a weight of 6 lbs. Wearing this hat for a long time or walking on long terrain areas can make you feel more tired in your neck and shoulders.


  • Custom-fit and various sizing options
  • Stylish design
  • Carbon fiber material 


  • Quite heavy

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3. Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet – Best For Design

Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet


  • Size: XS to XXXL
  • Weight: ‎3.36 Pounds
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner), Matrix Plus (AIM+) (outer)

Enhanced Matrix Plus (AIM+) integrated case technology is included in the Shoei VFX-EVO. It’s made of fiberglass, which Shoei combines with supplements known as organic fibers to make it lighter and more flexible to absorb energy.

Shoei has a lining that protects the rider from the pressure of the first spin. The MEDS pad, which is used by Bell and 6D use (a moving energy distribution system), is equipped for this product. Shoei has updated the VFX-EVO with EQRS. With the risk of neck injury being minimal, such a technique allows paramedics to remove cheek pads and subsequently helmets from fallen riders.

The VFX-EVO also features a sturdy double D-shaped clasp that, when properly secured, secures the helmet in place. The goggle port connects to the brow vent. 

Two crown vents just above assist in bringing top-down airflow inside the helmet. Of course, there are vents on the crossbar. As a result, the lips and face receive air. 

It has a washable foam filter and an aluminum screen and is removable. Vents are located on the sides, top, bottom, collar, and body of the helmet for optimal ventilation while you ride.

In addition, many riders have praised the exceptional breathability of the VFX-EVO. Rainwater can get into the chin-bar vents, but if you’re working up a sweat, I think that’s going to be an issue. The vents are excellent, so you would still be fine even if you’re walking in the heat and exertion.

The top block acts as a visor to protect the cage, minimizing lift and cushioning. Then the air is sent in the direction of the vents on the crown. Remove a single unifying screw, then slide the visor to the required level.

The upper part can be changed to reduce lift while moving quickly. 

It’s good that the three polycarbonate screws are cut out on impact as the top can be damaged when rotated if it sinks in and isn’t properly fastened.

The new MEDS anti-rotation mechanism and rapid cheek implant removal system are two additional safety features that have been incorporated into the AIM+ composite housing.

Further elevating is the top of the chin and the bar. The AIM+ composite case has many safety features as well as the ability to accommodate the glass inside.

Overall, owners praise the aerodynamics, ventilation, and comfort, and it’s also well-built. Its only minus point is the noise resistance is not good. If you are traveling at high speed or traveling in windy weather, the noise can make you uncomfortable.


  • Enhanced Matrix Plus (AIM+) integrated case technology 
  • Enhanced the AIM+ composite
  • Good active ventilation
  • Eye-catching graphics


  • Noise problem

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4. Bell Moto 9 Flex Helmet – Best For Lightweight


  • Size: XS to XXXL
  • Weight: 5.59 Pounds
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner), Carbon Fabric (outer)

The lightest and most premium helmet made by Bell is probably the Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet. Even though it weighs only 2 lbs, it can still offer mountain bikers, motorcyclists, and mountain bikers a high level of safety and protection.

The lightest carbon component shell included in Bell’s Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet is the main reason the weight of this helmet is small. This carbon component shell is extremely durable and is only used in a very small number of helmets. 

Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Motocross Helmet

When worn for a long time, it will not cause neck fatigue but also increase the level of protection and create the highest possible safety for the driver’s head when off-road.

Furthermore, Bell developed the first three-layer impact-resistant lining after spending a lot of money and countless hours on its design. To manage the power from three potential effect scenarios – low, medium, and high – they created “Advanced Layering Technology.”

In addition, the component technology of the Moto-9 Flex reduces the transmission of rotational energy. Overall, we can conclude that the Bell helmet provides a very high level of protection and has changed the course of off-road safety history.

For optimal airflow, the Velocity Flow Ventilation System (VFV) is a feature of the Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet. Bell has done an excellent job of designing a natural circulation mechanism that draws air through the ventilation system to keep the rider dry and cool for a considerable amount of time. 

By opening and closing the FlowAdjust vents, the rider can adjust the appropriate amount of air. Additionally, it features fully ventilated EPS fabric slats and an integrated Roost Guard with vents. 

Bell’s development of Velocity Ventilation System technology proves that it has met the criteria for a high-quality off-road ventilation system. The Moto-9 Flex helmet is one of the best and lightest mountain bike helmets out there because of its interior and other features. 

It is equipped with X-Static XT-2 Silver Long Lining Interior, an advanced antibacterial fabric that is fully removable, machine washable, and guaranteed to protect from bacteria and odors in the use process.

Anytime you want to clean it, you can remove it. 

This silver lining absorbs perspiration faster and more effectively than conventional nylon fabric. Additionally, Bell’s patented Magnefusion Emergency Removal System (MERS) for cheek pads makes it easy for both emergency responders and riders to remove cheek pads for cleaning helmet. Therefore, the performance of the Moto-9 Flex in this area is excellent.

Without a doubt, the Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet is one of the best and lightest motocross helmets available today. Its higher-than-average price is probably the only thing that can make you hesitate. However, it will make you feel like you made the right investment.


  • Lightweight Carbon  Shell
  • Antimicrobial fabric interior 
  • Good Ventilation
  • Emergency cheek pads with removal system


  • Quite costly

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5. Alpinestars Supertech M10 Helmet – Best For Ventilation System


  • Size: XS to XL
  • Weight: 6.69 Pounds
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner), Carbon Fabric (outer)

One of the most outstanding features of the Alpinestars Supertech M10 helmet is the optimal ventilation system. This helmet has a total of 24 separate vents, much more than regular helmets, and helps you stay dry and comfortable on any terrain.

There are plenty of ventilation holes in the chin bar and eye port area, and there is another vent located around the helmet shell. These vents, along with the perforations of the visor, provide a clever ventilation system that draws fresh air into the inside of the helmet, keeping your face and head dry and free from sweaty damage.

The inside of the hat has a washable, removable lining that is soft against the skin, antibacterial, and hydrophobic. You can change the way your helmet fits and hugs your head with the help of the Alpinestars A-Head system. 

The Alpinestars Supertech M10 helmet is equipped with a hydration system, and any hydration pack can be used with it. Your straw can be inserted into the helmet through a slot in the inner padding.

Alpinestars Supertech M10 Helmet

The emergency cheek release system, another safety element of the Alpinestars Supertech M10 helmet, will come in handy for paramedics trying to remove the helmet from the rider’s head.

There is only one downside to this helmet, which is the shape of the inner padding. When you ride, the helmet can roll forward while driving without staying in place even though the chin strap is fastened. Therefore, you will need to take some time to readjust it, even when you are on the road.


  • Custom-fit size
  • Lightweight carbon fiber outer
  • Enhanced MIPS technology
  • Gôd ventilation and airflow
  • Emergency cheek pads removal 


  •  Fitment problems

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6. O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Offroad Helmet – Best For Summer Rides

O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Offroad Helmet


  • Size: XS to XXL
  • Weight: 3.1 Pounds
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner), polycarbonate/ABS (outer)

The O’Neal 5 SRS helmet will be the top choice for your summer off-road trip. You’ve greatly underestimated O’Neal if you assume this is due to a few vents in this helmet.

O’Neal knows that even a small drop of sweat can distract drivers from off-road driving. Riders must feel comfortable using dirt bikes in hilly terrain and trails. 

To distribute sweat and moisture to the system inside the helmet, O’Neal uses Coolmax lining technology in the 5 Series helmets. This padded liner is removable and machine washable, and it has an ultra-plush lining that will keep you dry and cool for extended periods.

In terms of ventilation, O’Neal has done a great job by integrating ventilation holes in the shell to provide the greatest amount of airflow into the O’Neal 5 Series helmet.

Several active ventilation holes are present on the front of the O’Neal 5 Series helmet and their function is to direct airflow to the space above your head. 

To ensure proper ventilation inside the helmet, several passive air vents at the back will release hot air to the inside. Similar to a helmet’s air-cooling system, these vents will help keep you dry and comfortable while riding a motorcycle.

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that O’Neal’s various 5 Series helmets look like great works of art. However, do you know what lies beneath that dazzling piece of trendy art?

The lightweight and exceptionally strong polycarbonate/ABS shell serve as the main shell material for complete protection and aerodynamic stability off-road.

For the price, there is nothing wrong with the quality of the product. Instead, the inclusion of premium features has elevated it to the higher status of one of the popular helmets in this price range.

Past customers have commended the manufacturer for developing a lightweight yet ventilated and interior dust cycling helmet that keeps you dry and cool in the summer. They also recommend that the company strengthen the eyeport because the position of the goggles seems rather narrow. 

We suggest you be cautious when deciding on the size of glasses when worn with this helmet. Otherwise, the glasses can stay in the wrong position, pressing on the nose and restricting the flow of air through the nostrils.


  • Removable and washable Coolmax inner padding
  • Proper air ventilation system
  • Affordable price 
  • Attractive design
  • Durable polycarbonate shell construction
  • Adjustable visor


  • Narrow eyeport

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7. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet – Best Value For Money

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet


  • Size: XS to XL
  • Weight: 5.29 Pounds
  • Materials: Expanded Polystyrene (inner), polycarbonate/ABS (outer)

The Bell MX-9 MIPS helmet is the best choice out there when it comes to cheap off-road helmets. There is no other helmet on the market that will give you so many features at such a low cost.

With multi-directional impact protection, you can not deny this helmet’s advanced protection system, which is where it excels (MIPS). You usually only find this feature in significantly more expensive helmets.

With the help of this technology, if you get into an accident at lower speeds – which often happens when mountain biking – your head will be completely safe and protected from impacts of rotational force.

Cheaper mountain bike helmets often make a lot of noise or don’t ventilate the rider’s head enough. It is important to balance the aerodynamics of the helmet with the airflow. 

It is important to balance airflow and aerodynamics while designing a helmet, especially for mountain bikers. As a result, Bell has included the latest in ventilation technology, known as speedway ventilation, into their MX-9 helmets. It uses the front air intake to bring cool air through the inner EPS liner and then out through the rear vents. 

Also, this prevents wind noise from entering the helmet while doing this. Although there are fewer vents than in other premium helmets, the ventilation is still effective.

The Bell MX-9 MIPS helmet can once again be compared to some of the most expensive helmets on the market when it comes to comfort. Its comfortable inner lining is extremely well constructed and made to withstand moisture. When it gets dirty, you can easily remove it and wash it.

The MX-9 helmet, in general, is comfortable and fits the head well. However, some consumers commented that the cheek pads were too tight and uncomfortable.


  • Good value for money 
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Velocity-flow air ventilation system
  • MIPS technology


  • Snug cheek pads

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8. Motocrossgiant 6D ATR-2 Impact Off Road Helmet – Best For Safety



  • Size: XS to XXL
  • Weight: 2.84 Pounds
  • Materials: Rebuildable Advanced ODS System (inner), Tri-Composite Shell (outer)

The ATR-2 helmet is a high-tech product designed to keep riders as safe as possible no matter how the road affects them. If you can afford it, buying an ATR-2 might be the best option for personal safety.

This helmet is made to make riders as safe as possible, but still, it has to be said. The first line of defense is the thick outer shell. The sturdy outer lining, effectively the inner shell, provides a stronger defense. 

This is so that the energy from collisions and other potential hazards is absorbed before it reaches your brain by reducing the towers present in both the outer and inner lining.

Cheeks and eyes are shielded by the front eyebrow contour. In contrast, the Rear Neck Guard protects your neck from lateral and rear shocks. This helmet also has an excellent ventilation system. The D6 seems to clog ventilation points everywhere when other helmets can have a few ports and vents here and there.

9 air inlets and 6 air outlets make up 15 ventilation stations on the ATR-2. As a result, you will get a very breathable and comfortable helmet. To provide support and comfort tailored to the situation and mood, ports and exhausts can be combined and matched.

All in all, this helmet is for the most serious and dedicated cyclists. Due to the advanced technology built into the ATR-2 helmet, you will get more value in terms of safety for your money.

Though 15 ventilation stations provide better ventilation, they also allow more sound to enter, which causes noise problems.


  • Tough and durable construction
  • Lightweight carbon material
  • Large vision port


  • Noise problem

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What to look for in a motocross helmet?


The most important aspect to consider before buying a helmet is whether it is the right size for you. Both too much and too little should be avoided. The helmet should feel homogeneous and follow your head movements while you look around. Your cheeks should be slightly pushed up, but not to the point where you look like a chipmunk. 

A simple method to check the fit is to shake your head back and forth while having a friend hold the chin guard. Your helmet is too big if it doesn’t struggle to move with your head. 

Sometimes the interior of a motocross helmet feels cozy everywhere but in the cheeks. You can change the size by removing the cheek pads and doing so either up or down. 

Before buying a helmet, make sure you have correctly measured your head, including your hair. So you should start by measuring accurately to ensure a perfect fit.

Here’s how to measure, simple but accurate: You just need to take a tape measure, place it directly above the eyebrow, wrap it around the head, over the ear, and mark again. To ensure that you can get the most accurate head circumference, you may want to try several times.

Fortunately, the big companies care that you want to buy something that fits you. They also want the helmet to fit and make you feel comfortable wearing it. To help consumers as much as possible, they provide sizing charts. No need to measure yourself; you can use this chart to determine the right size.


The ability to see clearly while cycling on dirt roads is of paramount importance. You can only drive safer if you can spot objects in your peripheral vision and wear the best dust-biking helmets that keep your eyes peeled.

Dust is always a problem, and having these goggles by your side will ensure that your eyesight never deteriorates on any trip. The open frame design of the mountain bike helmet allows you to place a pair of your favorite glasses on top of the helmet so they can fit your eyes comfortably. 

When riding a mountain bike that is constantly changing and challenging, you will have to exert more effort. Therefore, the large opening of the helmet glass also provides additional ventilation for you, keeping you cool while cycling.

Here’s our advice on wearing a brand new motocross helmet: To make sure your new helmet fits properly, bring your favorite dust bike goggles and put them on your helmet when trying it on at the store. If you’re buying online, check the size chart first to make sure it fits your glasses.

Weight and Protection

The weight of the helmet is another important factor that must be taken into account for your safety.

The helmet is a bit more durable, but the components are used to make it additional weight. However, you get extra protection when the helmet is serviced. So you must have a helmet that is enough to protect you but should not be too heavy to make riding difficult or too light to jeopardize your safety. The recommended weight limit for a dirt bike helmet is 4 pounds.


When you’re pedaling, these vents keep you cool. It is important to consider this feature when buying a helmet because poor ventilation can cause your head to sweat, which will reduce your stamina and make you dizzy while riding.

As the ventilation system is adequate, it also makes your helmet lighter and provides the right amount of safety.

You should think about how many intake and exhaust ports are in your helmet’s ventilation system. Find out if these ports are fixed or if they are fixed.

Safety Standard

Minimum safety requirements for dust biking helmets are set forth by many national laws and standards: 

  • United States – DOT (Department of Transportation)
  • Australia – AS1698
  • New Zealand – NZ 5430
  • UK – BS (British Standard)
  • Europe – ECE 22.05

It is believed that DOT ratings have a lower standard than other standards. On the contrary, choose a helmet with a SNELL rating if you want to feel secure when wearing it because it has the highest passing standards.

To achieve a high level of helmet safety, the Snell Memorial Foundation was established to conduct comprehensive and thorough testing. 

SNELL’s claim is based on the fact that William Peter Snell died in a sports car crash in 1957 because his helmet failed to protect him. So the highest safety standard is adopted if the helmet is approved by SNELL.

We do not recommend buying used or used helmets. Not sure if the integrity of the structure has been compromised.


Mountain bike helmets can be quite expensive, so you’ll need to plan your budget carefully before buying one, especially if you want to spend money on other things as well.

The market today is filled with expensive premium helmets and others that are more affordable but have fewer safety features. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice safety features. To save a little money should be spent on your helmet while you can fully afford it.

Of course, as the driver, you are the one who always knows what is necessary for your safety. Invest in the best helmet for you as it will protect you on every road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What New Developments Have Been Made In Today’s Dirt Bike Helmet Technology?

  • MIPS Liners: On more complex helmets, these linings are added to help reduce rotational impact.
  • Extremely light: Consumers today expect coverage to be as light as possible. New materials like carbon fiber or KPA are making helmets much lighter than before.
  • Adjustable cheek pads: They are now a standard feature on many helmets, allowing for individual comfort.
  • Goggles Grabbers: A great feature to protect your goggles.
  • Larger Mouth Vents: These vents not only provide increased airflow but also provide better protection for the roosters, preventing you from getting unwanted dirt in.
  • Great additional ventilation: To keep your head cooler, most helmets today have front air intakes that lead in, through, and out of the back.
  • Removable and washable lining: Your helmet lining often smells from sweat, especially on hot days. So the liner is removable and washable, making both your hair and helmet more hygienic.

Why Do We Need Bike Dust Helmets?

The most important part of your body is your brain. Thousands of pieces of information are processed in a nanosecond when you talk but don’t forget your subconscious bodily functions like breathing and heart rate. A blow to the head can cause serious injury, death, or become a vegetal person. 

So, always be cautious and wear your dirt bike helmet! The main goal of the best dirt bike helmet is to reduce the risk of head injury. The outer shell of a helmet is usually made of durable polycarbonate plastic and expandable polystyrene foam, or EPS. 

When a collision occurs, the EPS foam is intended to compress at the point of impact against the helmet, distributing the energy so that it is dispersed rather than focused on your head.

In accidents, closed head injuries are often the deadliest, and dirt bikes are no exception. This happens when the rider’s head suddenly leans against a solid object, and the brain continues to advance, hitting the inside of the skull and bouncing back. 

The soft interior of the duster helmet will absorb impact energy and reduce the possibility of head injury, while the plastic outer shell will shield your head from external threats and scratches on the skin that lead to bleeding.


Before you rush to search for your best dirt bike helmet on the market, take some time to consider your purchase to be sure it will keep you safe and comfortable while riding. 

There are several important factors to keep in mind when choosing a dust bike helmet to protect your head.

We have concluded that the Arai VX-Pro 4 Dirt Bike Helmet is the greatest choice. In my opinion, it strikes the ideal balance between cost and quality. It meets strict safety requirements, has many of the characteristics of a high-end helmet with excellent ventilation, and has a very trendy look.

It can be a challenge to choose the ideal helmet for you in 2023 as there are so many great varieties available. We hope you will find the dust bike helmet that best meets your needs and riding style after reading our review.

Let us know what you think of this best helmet for dirt bike in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, questions or use any of these devices. Thanks!

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