7 Best Adventure Motorcycle Jackets for 2023

Jackets are not only for improving your outlook; they are for ensuring a protective and comfortable ride around the town or for a long journey.

This article is helpful if you already know the importance of a motorcycle jacket but cannot find a suitable one! Scroll down to have a look at the best adventure motorcycle jacket! 

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What makes a great adventure motorcycle jacket?

If you’re in the market for a new jacket, then here are the most important things to look out for when choosing an adventure bike jacket.


1. Thermal-Lined vs. Unlined Jackets

We usually divide adventure jackets into two categories: thermal-lined and unlined apparel.

  • Thermal-lined jacket

As the name implies, a thermal liner is sewn into the jacket to maintain heat. This type is beneficial to keep you dry and warm, supposing you are riding in a hazardous situation such as rain, snow, wind, and more.

We suggest purchasing jackets with removable liners so you can take the thick liner out when the weather is hotter.

  • Unlined jacket

The coat is more lightweight than those with a thermal liner. It often features zippers and vents for you to increase air circulation as wished. Otherwise, you can consider an unlined jacket mainly for the summer.

You can also buy separate lining to use the jacket in the winter.

2. Materials & Breathability

Depending on your area’s weather, you can choose between leather, textile, or mesh jackets.

  • Leather motorcycle jackets

Leather jackets have ruled the street and track, considering their merits as a high-quality choice to protect your body against abrasions. Plus, leather presents a classic and fashionable statement.

However, leather jackets are expensive, heavy, sweaty, and easy to soak up heat. Consumers also report that leather loses its water resistance over time.

  • Textile motorcycle jackets

Textile jackets have improved ventilation and are more waterproof than leather. Thus, they are ideal for rainy weather. The affordable price also adds to the allure of this material over leather.

Yet, the textile is less durable against scrapes and abrasion.

  • Mesh motorcycle jackets

Mesh is the cheapest fabric of the three. It is mainly built for summer since the material is heavily cool and breathable to keep sweat at bay. You might compromise the protection, though.

We recommend spending extra on a hybrid mesh with reinforced leather or textile on the shoulders, backs, and elbows.

3. Weatherproof

Find motorcycle jackets with weatherproof labels. They are not wholly water-resistant but might admit to heavy downpours or harsh conditions. To compensate, they are lightweight and still ventilated.

In addition, those jackets have removable coatings that can be added when the weather is cold and taken out in summer.

4. Fit & Comfort

Last but not least, you must consider the fitting and overall comfort of the apparel. Ideal jackets need to fit you snugly, even a T-shirt inside, or they have fitment adjusters on the sleeves, sides, or waist. Loosen jackets ride up and expose your skin when you accidentally slide. Meanwhile, small ones restrict movement and cause fatigue quickly.

The right size ensures the comfort of jackets. Moreover, padding and pliable armor are added to reduce the impacts without adding weight to your jackets.

(TOP 7) Best Adventure Motorcycle Jackets

1.KLIM Marrakesh Touring Motorcycle Jacket – Best for Men


  • Size: Small to XX-Large
  • Outer material: 1000D cordura fabric
  • Inner liner: Meshy wicking liner
  • Weatherproof design: No
  • Armor and padding: Elbows, shoulders, and back

Detailed reviews:

Coming in the first place is KLIM Marrakesh Touring Motorcycle Jacket. It is designed with extra fitment and comfort for male riders at all times.

The manufacturer uses a super stretchy 1000D woven Cordura. The stretchiness makes it an incredible fit for different body shapes without causing discomfort, thanks to protective armors in the elbows, shoulders, and back. Adjustable straps are also provided to keep the armors in place while driving fast.

Speaking of comfort, KLIM Marrakesh Touring Motorcycle Jacket is well-known for its breathability. While other jackets only have mesh panels on strategic positions, the whole KLIM apparel is porous, meaning the air can get in and out effectively. We tried wearing it under the Florida summer for three hours. The jacket stayed as cool as always.

The KLIM Marrakesh was not completely waterproof, yet a streamlined airflow helped dry the light rain quickly. However, it would help if you put on a waterproof throw-over on downpours or snowy days. We also tested it in unfavorable weather.

Besides the ventilation, the jacket is also convenient. You will find four external pockets and another five on the inside, where you can put aside many small things. Those pockets are all deep and secure.

So far, so good – yet the manufacturer can improve the waterproof capacity as mentioned above.


  • Comfortable and well-fit design
  • Very breathable in hot weather
  • Enhanced protection with armor and pads
  • Durable woven Cordura material
  • An abundance of convenient pockets


  • Not completely waterproof
  • The thin and sticky inner liner

2. KLIM Women’s Artemis Adventure Motorcycle Jacket – Best for Women


  • Size: Small and Large
  • Outer material: Gore-Tex Performance layer
  • Inner liner: also Gore-Tex Performance layer
  • Weatherproof design: Yes
  • Armor and padding: Elbows, shoulders, and back

Detailed reviews:

KLIM also provides adventure motorcycle jackets for women. Take Artemis, for instance. This jacket is designed by a team of women who know the need for female jackets well.

At a glance, the Artemis features the right shape for women with additional velcro tabs, zippers, snaps, and belts. You can adjust them to dial the fitting and accommodate armors and pads. That way, you can feel mobile and secure all the riding journey.

When you wear the jacket, it feels super protective and relaxed, thanks to its double Gore-Tex Performance layers and a throughout vent system.

First is the Gore-Tex Performance material. It is supposed to be resistant to abrasion and tears. It is also weatherproof and waterproof. 

The manufacturer evens improve your safety by adding D30 armors in all major impact zones such as shoulders, back, and elbows. The armors protect your vulnerable body parts from severe injuries if you, unfortunately, fall out of the motorcycle.

The second is the vent system – 10 vents are available to circulate the air and release the heat during a long journey. We particularly appreciate two cross-core vents at the lower chest that provide female riders with comfortable mapped ventilation in the right spots.

What to complain about is the number of pockets. They are two many pockets that look crowded.


  • Designed by women for women
  • Durable and breathable shell
  • Thoughtful vent system
  • Waterproof to use all year round


  • Too many pockets
  • A little heavy jacket

3. Andes Pro Drystar Waterproof All-Weather Jacket – Best for Track


  • Size: Small to X-Large
  • Outer material: poly-fabric textile
  • Inner liner: Quilted thermal liner
  • Weatherproof design: Yes
  • Armor and padding: Elbows, shoulders, and back

Detailed reviews:

As you might already know, the best jacket for racing must be both protective and lightweight so that you can optimize the speed. Andes Pro Drystar Jacket comes with such characteristics.

It is the Tech-Air Street System that provides high protective performance. This patented technology of Alpinestars equips the jacket with self-contained inflatable airbags. They inflate and cover your back, chest, shoulders, and kidney in case of a crash. 

There is an electrical connector to switch on/off the airbags and charge them after. Plus, shoulders and elbows feature CE-rated pads to increase protection.

About the weight, the Andes Pro Drystar is not the most lightweight on the list. However, it is from textiles and is much lighter than leather. The jacket will not cause restrictions when you race at high speed.

The weatherproof feature is worth mentioning. The shell is waterproof to prevent rain and snow from sneaking in and allows airflow.

When testing, we zipped the long-sleeved liner, adjusted the velcro strips in the winter, and opened zippers in the summer to circulate the airflow. The result was that jacket felts fuzzy in the cold but a bit sweaty in the heat.


  • Protective Tech-Air Street System
  • Improved shoulders and elbows’ pads
  • Warm and comfortable in cold months


  • Not very breathable in summer

4. First MFG Co.- Raider – Men’s Jacket – Best Leather Jacket


  • Size: Small to 5X-Large
  • Outer material: Leather
  • Inner liner: Thermal liner
  • Weatherproof design: No
  • Armor and padding: Elbows, shoulders, and back

Detailed reviews:

Even though there are advanced materials for jackets, such as textiles or mesh, traditional leather is still desirable. Thus, no surprise that the First MFG Co.- Raider is one of the best adventure motorcycle jackets.

The black jacket blends the classic style and high protection, making it versatile as track apparel and casual clothing. The size varies from small to 5X large for almost all sizes. You will find no difficulty finding a fit.

Nonetheless, you will want to wear the Raider on a cold day. First, MFG Co.- Raider features a thick Diamond cowhide and a thermal liner to enhance the insulation, like a sweater. In addition, there is a banded collar going along the buttoned and wind-blocking placket. They protect your skin against hazardous wind or snow. 

In summer, the jacket seems hot and heavy. If you still want to wear it out, open two vents on the chest and lower the zipper to increase the breathability.


  • Stylish and cool
  • Durable over time
  • Suitable for winter riding
  • Excellent abrasion-resistance


  • Heavy jacket
  • Getting hot in summer

5. ALPHA CYCLE GEAR ACG Adventure Motorcycle Jacket – Men’s Budget Choice


  • Size: Small to X-Large
  • Outer material: Reissa membrane
  • Inner liner: Thermal liner
  • Weatherproof design: Yes
  • Armor and padding: Elbows, shoulders, and back

Detailed reviews:

Nike first introduced the CAG jackets as an All Conditions Gear. Then, ALPHA CYCLE GEAR adopted that idea for the adventure jacket and introduced ACG Motorcycle Jacket.

The manufacturer uses the Reissa membrane instead of leather or textiles to reduce the overall price of the jacket while maintaining comfort and proper protection against sliding or crashing. This polyurethane material is hydrophilic and microporous enough for water vapor to circulate the ins and outs. It is also windproof and waterproof.

ALPHA CYCLE GEAR ACG also features a thermal liner like the above premium Raider. Nevertheless, it is removable to reduce the overall weight and increase the airflow. You can open the vents on the front and back instead.

We do not like the inner shell, though. The shell is thin and not effective enough to absorb substantial impacts. We will not suggest this jacket for a very heavy-duty adventure journey.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Waterproof and windproof design
  • Additional thermal liner for winter
  • The effective airflow vent system


  • Thin and not protective-enough shell
  • Dull design

6. HWK Women’s Motorcycle Jacket – Women’s Budget Choice


  • Size: Small to 3X-Large
  • Outer material: Polyester 600D Cordura Fabric
  • Inner liner: Mesh liner
  • Weatherproof design: No
  • Armor and padding: Elbows, shoulders, and back

Detailed reviews:

HWK also provides motorcycle jackets for women, such as the HWK Women’s Motorcycle Jacket.

Like other adventure apparel, the HWK jacket’s construction is robust and high quality. The outer layer is made of 600D Cordura material. 

Although it cannot be compared to leather or the 1000D Cordura of the KLIM counterparts, we confirm increased durability and ruggedness. Even if our female testers accidentally got in a crash, the jacket was hardly damaged.

The HWK Women’s Motorcycle Jacket is a little hot in the summer, even with air vents on the front and back. Nonetheless, we find it more suitable in winter thanks to its waterproof Reissae membrane and detachable thermal liner to protect you against winter winds and snow. 

There is even a neoprene lining to make it soft and comfortable around the collar. The jacket is promised for all seasons.

Another complaint is about the awkward fit in the shoulders. Our testers said they did not like the large shoulders, which resulted in an unattractive silhouette.


  • Another budget-friendly option
  • Improved construction for winter
  • Many sizes available


  • A bit hot for summer
  • Awkwardly large shoulders

7. Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s 5.0 – Best Fitting


  • Size: Small to 5X-Large
  • Outer material: Rock Tex and Hiten textiles
  • Inner liner: Thermal full-sleeve liner 
  • Weatherproof design: No
  • Armor and padding: Elbows, shoulders, and back

Detailed reviews:

Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s 5.0 will complete our best adventure motorcycle jacket reviews section.

The jacket varies in size, from Small to 5X-large/X-large tall ones. We particularly like the roomy shoulders enhanced with pads – we recommended it for motorcyclists with a big upper shape. Then, contour the rest of the body using the available spaced buttons on the forearms and the two adjustable side belts.

Once you settle your body, the Joe Rocket Atomic is ready to go in any weather. Keep the thermal liner for a cold morning and fasten the belt tightly. 

Water or winds cannot find their way into your body. However, remove the liner and unzip the chest zipper in summer. A lot of air can flow through the vent system and keep you cool and comfortable.

We do not like the back pad. It is not CE-rated, and you must spend extra on the back protectors – Speedmaster 2.0. Why doesn’t the manufacturer integrate such protection gear into the jacket?


  • An all-season jacket
  • Quality textiles build
  • Breathable vent system
  • Various sizes for big and tall riders


  • A little heavy
  • Not for small riders
  • Non-CE pad in the back

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should I Buy Motorcycle Jackets?

We can immediately mention three reasons to buy an adventure jacket riders cannot afford to miss.

  • Protection of your upper body

Most jackets we introduced above have padding on shoulders, backs, and elbows, where you are most likely to get burns and abrasions if you accidentally crash or slide down the road. In addition, those jackets are made of durable materials to reduce tears, meaning fewer chances of exposing your body to a rigid surface.

  • Comfort while you are riding fast.

Jackets for motorcycles can be worn all year round. They can keep environmental elements such as rain, snow, wind, sun, and even bugs.

In hot weather, you can buy classic lightweight jackets having a soft inner lining. Those jackets allow airflow to circulate the ins and outs easily. Meanwhile, heavy-duty fur lining jackets are an ideal choice for the winter season.

  • Convenient apparel

Like ordinary jackets, adventure motorcycle jackets come with various pockets, both inside and outside. Some models also feature sleeve pockets for extra storage space.

While riding, you can keep small tools and items organized within the jackets and reduce unnecessary baggage.

2. How Long Can An Adventure Jacket Last?

You do not need to fulfill your entire wardrobe with motorcycle apparel. You just need three jackets – one for hot months, one for rainy months, and another for cold months.

High-quality jackets can last for five to 20 years, depending on their materials. Leather is the most durable jacket fabric, whereas Kevlar might have the least longevity.

3. How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Jackets?

You can extend their life even better by caring for and cleaning your motorcycle jackets properly.

Maintenance methods might vary by materials. Nonetheless, we know some standard practices that will not go wrong:

  • Keep the jacket dry and away from the heat when not wearing it.
  • Don’t fold it. Instead, hand your motorcycle jacket properly.
  • Clean the jacket with a soft and damp cloth – but not too frequently.
  • Have professional cleaning several times a year.

It’s Time to Buy!

After checking our best adv motorcycle jacket and buying guidelines, you will surely get your favorite. Hopefully, you can find out your best-matched one and have the best experience on the very next ride!

Let us know what you think of this Best Adventure Motorcycle Jackets guide in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, questions or use any of these jackets.

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